Many retailers sell sunglasses, ranging from the bargain barrel at the local discount chemist to dedicated sunglass stores. So why buy your sunglasses from Total Eyecare? Range. Quality. Warranty. Confidence.

In Australia sunglasses should be rated into one of five categories in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003:

  • Lens category 0: Fashion spectacles – These are not sunglasses, as they have a very low ability to reduce sun glare. They provide limited UV protection.
  • Lens category 1: Fashion spectacles – Like category 0 lenses, these are not sunglasses; however, they do provide limited sun glare reduction and UV protection. Fashion spectacles with category 1 lenses are not suitable for driving at night.
  • Lens category 2: Sunglasses – These sunglasses provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.
  • Lens category 3: Sunglasses – Similar to category 2, these sunglasses provide a good level of UV protection. Lens category 3 glasses also provide a high level of sun glare reduction.
  • Lens category 4: Sunglasses – These are special purpose sunglasses that provide a very high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection. Lens category 4 sunglasses must not be used when driving at any time.

At Total Eyecare we only stock sunglasses from Lens category 3, with a limited supply of fashion sunglasses in category 2.  Lens category 4 can be ordered for you on recommendation from your optometrist, however, these sunglasses are not always practical for general use.

Additionally, all prescription glasses and sunglasses provided by Total Eyecare come with 100% UV coatings at no extra cost to you.*  We know that the harsh Tasmanian sun can damage your vision and the delicate skin around your eye.  So we protect it for you.  You’re welcome!

*Excludes non-prescription sunglasses purchased ‘off the shelf’ and without prescription.

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