Soft and Hard Contact Lenses

What’s the difference?

Soft contact lenses are the first choice for most contact wearers.  This is primarily because they are more comfortable and more convenient as they require less cleaning.

Soft lenses are disposable after one day, one week, one fortnight or one month depending of the variety you’re prescribed.  Cleaning only becomes necessary for the repeated wear lenses.

Hard or rigid gas permeable contact lenses may be required for larger prescriptions where soft lenses aren’t effective.  Rigid lenses can also be used to correct vision for people with unusually shaped or distorted corneas e.g. Astigmatism and Keratoconus.

There are very few people for whom contact lenses are not a possibility.  They are preferred for people who play contact and water sports.  Contacts are also great if you experience extremes in temperature (such as getting out of your air conditioned car on a hot, humid day) and in the rain.

Total Eyecare can prescribe a huge array of contact lenses.  You order and purchase your contacts at any Total Eyecare practice or via our own online shop.

If you’re new to contacts, or need a reminder, you can view a tutorial from one of our contact lens suppliers here.

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