Heath Davis

Heath studied optometry at The University of Melbourne, completing his bachelor degree in 1994 and graduating with first class honours in 1995.  In his final year he was awarded the Allergan prize for contact lens practice excellence. He then went on to complete a postgraduate certificate to endorse therapeutic prescriptions.

Initially Heath practiced in Melbourne and then country Victoria before moving to Hobart in 1999.  Since moving to Hobart he has focused on fitting complicated contact lenses, including keratoconic, paediatric and orthokeratology lenses, as well as general optometrical practice.  In more recent years, his experience in orthokeratology has led to an interest in myopia control in children that is a rapidly evolving and rewarding area of practice.

Heath is a past president of the Australian Cornea and Contact Lens Society, an organization that promotes better understanding of contact lenses amongst his profession as well as supporting novel research and development.

Outside of work hours Heath enjoys fly fishing, hiking, windsurfing, diving, cycling, skiing and building things.  If only there were more weekends!