True to our name, we provide Total Eyecare.  Each eye exam at Total Eyecare is a comprehensive eye exam.  Our optometrists monitor every part of the eye from front to back as well as testing how well your eyes see and how they work together.

We call it a 360 degree comprehensive eye consultation.

The first part of that process is to understand you better.  We ask a series of questions that help us to get to know your past history, general health, eye health, vision needs and lifestyle.

We examine the internal and external health of your eyes through a series of procedures using the latest technology.  We are checking for signs of eye disease, UV damage and other general health conditions, including diabetes.

We test the sharpness of your vision at multiple distances to identify need for glasses or contact lenses.  This is then translated to your customised prescription.

We assess how well your eyes work together.  Any misalignment between your eyes can be responsible for double vision, fatigue and headaches.  It can also be responsible for learning difficulties in children.

If you have a need for protective eyewear in your workplace or in the sun, we can provide solutions to meet that need.

If vision correction is necessary, our optometrists and trained staff will advise you on the most appropriate lens design for your personal circumstances.  Our lenses are only of the highest quality.  They are extremely precise and technical, so we like to make sure we get the lens design and measurements exact for your optimum vision.

Contact lens technology has advanced tremendously in the last 20 years.  Our optometrists will discuss with you the suitability for contact lenses and can offer the latest Contact lens ranges.

Because we know that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will reduce your risk of eye disease, we can also discuss your diet with you, the benefit of various specific supplements and offer you preventative advice.

At any of our nine locations you’ll find our optometrists are therapeutically qualified.  That means they’ve completed additional study to be able to prescribe eye medications where necessary, to treat sore eyes and eye disease.  This often saves you an expensive and inconvenient visit with an eye specialist.

Finally, we’ll provide you with tailored eyewear and a follow-up plan.  That plan will help us to detect and identify any changes to health and vision of your eyes over time, so we can minimise the negative effects of eye problems.

All this in just a 30 minute eye consultation.

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