Eye Protection

Some professions and hobbies require you to have protective eyewear. Manufacturing, construction or laboratory jobs, gardening or outdoor hobbies also require specific protection. At Total Eyecare we can provide approved eyewear for all of these purposes.

Sometimes your job or hobby will require a full, wrap-around, impact resistant protective ‘goggle’, which we can provide.  Other times you’re more likely just to need impact-resistant lenses in your glasses.

Our range of quality lens suppliers give us access to a variety of lens products that can provide that impact resistance so your lenses won’t shatter into your eye if you’re struck in the face.

More often, people require UV protection when they are outdoors in the sun for extended periods.

Because we know Tasmania, we know the damaging effects of our southern sun.  We know that our eyes are particularly sensitive to UV radiation.  Continued exposure to UV can increase our risk of skin cancer on or around the eye as well as other eye diseases.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists has made a series of recommendations for UV eye protection and can be found here.

Knowing all of this, Total Eyecare applies a UV protective coating on ALL LENSES that we prescribe. We don’t charge you for it. We see it as our responsibility to provide you with UV protection in Tasmania.

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