Children’s Eyewear

Children’s vision is gaining an increasing amount of attention since digital devices became household staples – especially for our children.

Total Eyecare recommends you have your child’s vision tested every 2-3 years.  Certainly before they start school, all children should have a comprehensive eye examination with an experienced optometrist.

Most children need no correction to their vision.  Some will benefit from glasses to improve their ability to focus clearly and for longer periods of time.

If your child is regularly using digital devices, we suggest you consider protecting your child’s vision from the harmful effects of UV light coming from screens.

UV light has no colour, so you can’t see it.  However, UV light has a similar wavelength to violet and blue light, which you can see.  Therefore, high concentrations of violet and blue light also pass damaging ultraviolet light through to your eyes.

Digital devices emit a higher concentration of blue light than green, yellow or red light.  This high concentration of blue light, together with the closeness of the screen to your face, puts your eyes at risk of UV damage. Blue control lenses can offer specific protection for screen use.

High exposure to UV light through sunlight and digital screens has the potential to cause loss of vision through macula degeneration or cataracts.

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