Accessories and Medicated Drops


At Total Eyecare’s nine locations you’ll see we have an assortment of accessories to help you get the most out of your glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses.

Every pair of glasses can be protected from scratches and breakages by using a suitable case.  We have a selection of hard, soft, large, compact, plain or colourful cases to suit all frames and all tastes.

Some people find spectacle cords help to keep their glasses handy, or just keep them on their face.  Our sports range will help to avoid those sunglasses being lost over the side of the boat!

Medicated Drops

We see a lot of patients with sore, dry or scratched eyes.  At Total Eyecare we can prescribe and recommend specific medicated eye drops, gels and mousses to help bring you comfort, saving you a trip to the GP.

Our optometrists have a range of eye drops that we can prescribe for a variety of conditions that cause irritated or infected eyes.

We recommend the Xailin range of drops and gels because they are all 100% preservative-free in the eye.  Nobody wants to be pouring preservatives directly into their body via the eye.

We also stock a variety of contact lens solutions for all the contacts we supply.

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