About Us

Total Eyecare remains the only 100% wholly Tasmanian, wholly optometrist-owned optometry group in Tasmania.

We are independent which means we can continue to put superior clinical eyecare at the forefront of our practice.  A close second comes our commitment to providing our 100,000 patients with eyewear solutions that enhance their view of the world.

We’re proud of our 12 optometrists who have amassed close to 300 years of clinical optometry experience between them.  That level of experience is why our patients trust us with their vision, and their children’s and their grandchildren’s vision.

We have nine locations across southern Tasmania.  We’ve invested in the technology that allows any of our optometrists in any location to access each patient’s clinical eye history.  Using this system, we can readily compare current and historical results, making it easier to identify changes in vision and eye health to take appropriate action.

Our Optometrists involvement in the Royal Hobart Hospital Eye Clinic also enhances our optometrists’ clinical experience and competence with diagnosis and management of many eye diseases.  Where less experienced optometrists are quick to refer any minor complication to a specialist, our optometrists have the qualifications and experience to monitor and manage many eye diseases and conditions, often saving the patient the expense and inconvenience of having numerous visits to an eye specialist.

The Total Eyecare story began in 1946 and our predecessor’s legacy of excellence in clinical eyecare continues today as the principal hallmark of our practice.  Read more about our history here.

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